Variety and Fun!

March 11, 2016

We entertain

and cajole

and jump

and giggle

and shhhh

and yell

and have so much fun in our photo sessions. It’s why getting a plethora of perfect images seems so easy. And why after a taking pictures in the studio, it’s impossible to choose.  I STILL can’t decide which are my favorites from this sibling session. And that’s narrowed down from my top 50 favorites.E_049025_150616_1_3.5x5_4a E_048802_150616E_048951_150616_1_3.5x5_2aE_048846_150616E_049010_150616 E_048979_150616
  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!


Happy New Year!

January 2, 2016

We are so lucky here at Classic Kids! We get to work with amazing families every single day, and we just love helping you capture all of life’s precious little moments. It is such a joy to see your little ones year after year, and watch how they grow.

Here is a video celebrating just a few of the adorable moments we got to be a part of in 2015. We hope that 2016 is another wonderful year for you and your loved ones!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives, in our own special way.



Soulful Sessions

September 2, 2015

We are so excited to announce our Soulful Sessions colorful mini-shoots, running now through September 12th! A fantastic way to commemorate the beginning of the school year.

These sessions are all about capturing your child’s inner beauty through our art. There is something captivating about the soft, innocent expressions we capture with our new studio styling.

Take a look and see what you think about these Soulful Sessions. We hope that you enjoy this new look as much as we do!

Julie Floyd, our Grande Dame, visited our studio recently. We couldn’t help but to capture a moment of her and her son using our new soulful look! What a pleasure to be part of a company that has a founder who we can call a friend. <3


We are supporters of this very worthy cause and hope you will join us on Saturday! Details below!

To thank participants for their efforts in fundraising for a cause that is very near to our hearts, Classic Kids is rewarding Moms In Training who raise over 1000.00 with a family photo session and a fine-art print! #TEAMHUNTER

What: Moms In Training Kick Off Celebration! – Moms In Training (MIT) is a social, flexible 10-week fitness program, kicking off on March 28th,  that culminates with an optional all women’s run/walk in Central Park on June 13th. Since the program’s inception, 1,500 moms have raised nearly $2 million for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!


When:  Kick-off is Saturday, March 28th from 9 – 10:15am

Where:  92Y (1395 Lexington); Kids welcome


Kidville Murray Hill (105 East 29th); Spouses  are welcome to bring kids (ages 0-5) for open play as moms celebrate & mingle

What:  Meet fellow moms, our amazing coaching staff & learn what’s inspired 1,500 moms to raise $2 Million in the fight against cancer!


*Breakfast will be provided at both locations.  Work-outs start the weekend of April 10th.


Juno Who?!

January 29, 2015

So, I got a little restless when the big SNOWMAGEDDON  in NYC never came! I left the deserted studio, found a few friends who were sledding in Central Park and snapped some photos…

A photographer’s work is NEVER boring! Right?!

The rest of the photos (I took over a hundred!) are at the studio, so if you want to see the rest…call me! 212.396.1160  There’s a bonus if you order a print before January 31st too!

Here is a sneak peek of a few that I took. It was so hard to narrow down to JUST these.

E_004233_150127 E_004218_150127 E_004216_150127 E_004193_150127 E_004170_150127 E_004161_150127 E_004149_150127 E_004141_150127 E_004112_150127 E_004110_150127 E_004088_150127 E_004079_150127 E_004064_150127 E_004020_150127


Be Our Valentine!

January 14, 2015

The holidays are over and hopefully a CALM has settled back into your lives.  We love this time of year!

If you didn’t get a chance to take photos, and need a great excuse….you can do a special shoot for those you love celebrating Valentine’s Day!


We are doing 30 minute photo sessions including really cute mini Valentine’s Day classroom cards.  Only $150.00 (Extra subject fees may apply!)  There is also a special 20% discount for custom, full-sized Valentine’s Day cards to mail out. This ends Feb 1st, so call ASAP to get your spot.  We have only two saturday sessions left available! eek!

These two girls were the best sisters, and so photogenic.  They have such great personalities.

E_072236_140923 E_072219_140923

In even the shortest of sessions, there is still time to make artwork for your wall at home. I always encourage being in the photos with the kids.  You’ll be SO happy you did…even if it’s 20 years from now.  Like fine wine, the photos will get better in time. :)

Three generations of loveliness to make beautiful art.E_072208_140923


The End of Summer Girls

September 27, 2014

I’m always a bit wistful at the end of summer. It’s so hard to say goodbye to the wonderful weather.

It’s also really hard to see our clients grow up!!!!

We have known all of these little ladies since they were babies…It is amazing how the time flies.

Here’s a last look at some beautiful beach photos, to remind you all to enjoy every moment.

E_057187_140819 E_060410_140823 E_058047_140819 E_057737_140819


Free To Be Me

July 19, 2014

Being yourself is easy when you are a kid.  “The sky’s the limit!” “You can do whatever you set your mind to!” “Be true to yourself and people will love you!”  There isn’t any judgement. It’s actually rewarded!

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” – “A dinosaur hunter!” – “Ohhhhh…isn’t that great!”

“What a great painting! What is it?”

“I picked out my outfit today! Isn’t it cool?!”

We all grow up, and out of the ability to express ourselves whenever we FEEL like it.  Especially in the teenage years, our creativity in self-expression comes with labels and name-calling and sass.  Some of these feelings stay with us forever.

Classic Kids and PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center  are teaming up to help start the conversation that being judgmental starts early…and often.  It’s learned behavior.  It really is time to let our kids be THEMSELVES with just whatever that means to them.

Like this little girl who came to her photo shoot in her “bride’s dress” because her mom couldn’t talk her out of it:Fawcet_E_3set

Or this guy who wears his cape SO much that his mom needed it documented. Because, well, it’s HIM at this age:E_011894_140221

Or this guy who CLEARLY is going to be a firefighter when he grows up:E_066894_131031

Or our little princess who just HAD to have a princess party for her birthday:E_020793_140409screen

Or these guys who had a fun picture day at their school and got to pick out WHATEVER they wanted to wear:

SO….we are paying it forward.  Encouraging others to let their kids be kids! Mini Sessions for 195.00 and 100% of the session fee will be paid to PACER and we are having these fun shoots through August 31st! See the details below! I’d call soon, because we’ll be travelling a lot to the Hamptons for photo sessions, so our spaces are limited!

ftbm_5x7_front1 ftbm_e_back_v2 ftbm_5x7_front2 (1)

P.S. When I was little…I never EVER wanted to take off my leopard bathing suit. My parents still talk about it, fondly, even though I still remember getting into an argument about it (yes I was too big to wear it at that point)–so the suit was an epic moment in my life.  Here’s a pic of me and my big sister for your enjoyment:188498_1888349289257_5516396_n


Gentlemen Wear Hats

April 19, 2014

….and they look REALLY CUTE while doing it!

We love creating unique photos every day.  It would be terrible to have someone say, “I have that same shot!” so we always try to think outside the box here at Classic Kids to really show JUST how special your family can be.



Clearly this kid has STYLE.  He and his mom “get it” when it comes to having fun and being in the moment!  And, listen, when we hear that you love wearing a hat?!

We go with it!


Here’s one more photo to leave you with on this lovely NYC weekend day… just a cool Urban Cowboy, resting from his long day herding taxis and wrastlin’ with tourists….




Twin Photos are AMAZING!

April 10, 2014

Twins are so amazing.  You get a built-in best friend for life.  Lucky!!!!

Personalities come in all shapes and sizes…and twins give you a moment to stand back and really appreciate how quickly those personalities develop.  Believe it or not, these guys came in a little shy, but had each other to rely on!  Plus, Jenn, as the assistant was able to figure out their tickle spots pretty quickly. :)

With every great photo session here at Classic Kids, it’s just so hard to narrow down to my favorites.  That’s why a set of four is so much fun!!!! 4set_1


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